What youthful mother, a shape upon her lap. . . .
Would think her son, did she but see that shape
With sixty or more winters on its head,
A compensation for the pang of his birth,
Or the uncertainty of his setting forth?
W.B. Yeats. "Among School Children"

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Old News is a sequence of brief interconnecting meditations/prose poems set in a context of current news headlines and photos, which are constantly being updated from various news sources.

A variety of technical means are used to emphasize, connect, and expand meanings.

The subjects are aging, with the consequent decline and unpredictability of the body, the inexplicability of one's own history, and external history and events as mirrored metaphorically in one's personal history and bodily condition.

Myron Turner
Myron Turner has been working with computer-based technologies since 1990. He was an early contributor to Rhizome and his work is included in Rhizome's artbase. He's been a guest panelist at the Banff Centre, where he's developed web projects as part of various programs.

He has exhibited widely as a photo-based artist and is an award-winning printmaker.

website: room535.org
cv: http://www.room535.org/mt/CV.html

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